Do you know that while you are at home waiting for the government to give the go ahead order for schools to resume, your competitors are carrying out their various educational activities with our school management platform (Cloudnotte)? Do you also know that you don’t have to wait for official school resumption to kick start before admitting students for the next academic session?

While other school has adjusted by moving their classes and every activity that they normally do manually do online, there are those who are still blaming the government for their inability to admit students for the next academic session that might not be starting anytime soon. If your school must be in operation after the pandemic, you have to move from what you are doing now to what works. 

Are you still wondering why you need to invest? Here are four simple reasons you need to stop waiting for the government and start taking in students using our online platform.


If it usually takes you 24 hours to process and document a dozen admission, do you know that using the online platform, you can double that number in a day? This might sound strange or almost impossible, but we have received lots of testimonials from our clients on how they have doubled their output using the school management software.

While you are admitting online, you don’t have to worry about how many students or parents that you will be able to attend to in a day, with an already established pattern, all the student or the parent need to do is to provide you with the necessary information while you just compute and allow the software do the rest in a second, amazing right? Wait until you read the rest.


Can you remember how you felt the last time you couldn’t find that form that has those students information? Can you also remember how embarrassed you were in front of your student and their parents while searching for their data?  You are not alone because most schools in Africa are still losing their data daily because they could not find the paper that has the information they need.

That shouldn’t be your experience. You don’t have to experience this before you find a more excellent way to store your data. By taking advantage of the online admission process, your data is automatically stored. You don’t have to start writing them down in a paper, the software automatically stores the data for you in a way that you can easily have access to them on the go.


Another beautiful thing about online admission is that you don’t really need to meet people using a physical office. If you are operating the manual admission process, you will need to report to the office because your potential students and their parents will need to interact with you, but when it’s online, every information they need to make a decision will be there.

If they have to input some of their information for effective documentation, they will still do that without having to meet you or come to your office. This can be done anywhere that you can find a computer and internet. 


When parents know that they can enroll their child into your school without visiting your school, it changes their pre-conceived notion. If they see your school as not the same with every other school in the neighborhood, they will begin to see you differently. 

The way people entered will determine how they will leave, meaning that if they can come in a more excellent way, they will feel more comfortable.

If you want people to see your school as the 21st century School, you must move from manual to digital. One of the best way to show people that you are ready to equip their children with the right information needed to solve today’s problem is by showing them that your school is technologically inclined.

Here is the biggy, at Cloudnotte, we are committed to helping school owners and managers run their schools even more effectively with our school management system irrespective of the pandemic. You don’t have to wait for the World Health Organization or the government to go back to business. 

You can admit fresh students, teach existing ones and also generate insightful reports using Cloudnotte school management software. They wait is over; contact us today to get you started. https://cloudnotte.com


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