While we are expecting the government in collaboration with the World Health Organization to give the go ahead order for the resumption of schools, it’s also important that we pay attention to the implication of not quickly getting our young ones back to the classroom.

While this might not be possible now due to the virus, the need for the full adoption of e-learning cannot be overemphasized. Most schools and academical  activities are currently  on hold due to parent’s inability to support their kids with the demands of having an online class.

The aim of this post is to help parents see the need why they should support their children’s schools in their quest to provide continuous education virtually. Following are few advantages of ensuring that your children learn virtually while others are at home.

They will be academically active

Most young people will find it difficult to keep up with their academical demands when the pandemic is finally over. This is not because they lack the ability to retain what they have learnt previously, but because they have been disconnected from it for so long.

Parents must ensure that their children are academically active by ensuring that they champion the adoption of virtual learning in their children’s school or support the schools in implementing it.

Stay ahead of others

The child that does what every other child does will get the same result they got. To get a different result, you must do things differently.  If your kids must stand out and remain academically sound after the pandemic, you have to ensure that they are doing some things differently.

Majority of young people are at home, but to stand out, you must ensure that your kids utilize their time productively by ensuring that they are in school, learning and engaging other students virtually.

Effective time management

Time management is an essential factor for accomplishing any goal especially academic goals. When a child’s time is not properly engaged, they will abuse it, meaning that as parents, we are the ones responsible for helping these young people manage their time effectively.

Parents must ensure that the holiday that the pandemic has compulsorily given to their kids due to the dangers of contacting the virus is properly managed, to do that you must ensure that your kids are properly engaged.

Their education will not be interrupted

Have you notice that the academic calendar of most schools in Africa has been interrupted? Meaning that if your children were supposed to graduate to a new class this year it has been interrupted except your children are in a school that has adopted the virtual leaning.

You don’t have to allow your children’s school year to be altered when you can actually do something about it. It’s our responsibility as parents to ensure that our children’s academic phase flows seamlessly.

They gain technological awareness

It is a fact that that the world has suddenly gone digital whether we like it or not, and not knowing the basic things in today’s digital world can be very limiting. You don’t have to run to someone for the little things that you need to get done.  By ensuring that your children log in and log out, they get to learn as much as they can about how technology functions.

You don’t want to raise a child that cannot fill an online form, and being tech inclined starts from a guided effort geared towards achieving a specific goal.




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