It’s no longer news that e-earning is now the way forward in education because of the covid-19 pandemic. While most nations has dully adopted it, we still have others especially African countries who are yet to fully incorporate it because of certain concerns. 

In our previous post we helped parents see the need to adopt or support the movement for e-learning, you can read it here. today we want to show parents how they can easily prepare for their kids e-learning sessions. It’s our belief that with the proper orientation, parents will not only see the need for their children to continuously learn virtually, but also prepare for the sessions in other to get the best out of it. Here are five ways to prepare for their e-learning sessions.

See the need for their continuous learning

Just as a government who doesn’t value education cannot provide it, so also a parent who doesn’t see the need for continuous education cannot support it. The first step to continuous education of your child is to see the need for him/her to continuously embrace education in and outside the classroom.
As parents, we must understand that time wasted cannot be regained. It’s important that we don’t allow the pandemic to limit the quality of education that our children should be getting. We must ensure that we continuously engage our children positively and one way to do that is to ensure that they are continuously learning.

Create the right learning environment

We are all a product of our environment. Whether spiritually or physically, we respond based on the inputs we have received from our environment, meaning that if we create the right learning environment, we will have the right results. Every parent that wants to see the child get the best of the session must ensure that they create the right environment.

It starts from the place the class will be held, the state of the child’s mind and most importantly, the environment must be noise free. Don’t have a class where your younger children are running around, you must ensure that you station your learning equipments in a very conducive environment.

Provide the required equipment needed for the sessions

It’s important we also look at the availability of the things needed to have an excellent session. We must know that without these equipment, we cannot have an excellent and productive session.

It’s our responsibility as parents or guardian to ensure that we check out for these things prior to the day or time of the class to be held. 

You don’t want to discover that your device is not charged or that the network is poor when it’s few minutes to the class. A total check of everything needed must be done if possible a day before or hours before the class.

Clear your schedule to give it the required attention.

Doing many things at the same time will only lead to poor results. It’s important that parents understand that if their kids are much younger, they will need to be guided to ensure that they are doing things right.

It’s important that we ensure that they are focused and committed to making the best out of the different sessions by ensuring that we make out time to be there with them. If you can’t because of the nature of your job, get someone else to do it for you.

Follow up to ensure continuity

Having done all, we must ensure that we follow to ensure continuity. Are there assignments to be done? We must ensure that it’s done. What about the time or date for the next class? We must ensure that all details are properly attended to.

E-learning is not a one-time thing. We must ensure that we plan for it by getting the necessary details needed to show up stronger next time. Parents must take advantage of the opportunities that the internet has provided. We must not deny our children education in the guise to keep them safe.

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