In the wake of the recent pandemic outbreak that has bedeviled nations of the word, our educational sector hasn't been  excluded from the stench of stagnation it came with. The future of our educational system as a nation has suddenly gone bleak because while churches,offices and other organsizations seems to have resumed activities ,some of our schools and other institutions of learning remained locked till further notice. 

The need for a  school free from disruptions, and concern about the slow adoption of Education Technology by the Education sector in Africa especially in this period of Covid-19, and the need to enlighten the people about technologies that can foster growth in education amidst the pandemic is what birthed the need for Next Conference. It is targeted at schools and educational institutions of all categories in  Africa as a whole.

The growth of a country is dependent on the quality of education accessible to her citizens. Quality education and its role in the development of a society cannot be underplayed, neither can the role of technology and its impact  especially in this time where the pandemic has suddenly given a whole new definition to the world we once knew as normal. 

The success of any organization requires more than continuous innovation, the focus should be on building the next generation capable of understanding, using and improving technology especially in areas related to education and employment. 

Organizations are  encourage to work in accordance with the United Nations SDGs , it was in pursuance of the SDGs  of  Quality Education, Decent works, and Economic Growth, and Partnership to achieve the Goal (SDGs 4, 8 and 17 respectively) that Cloudnotte collaborated with CTB(Crushing The Barrier) Africa, African National Congress youth league and African Radical Transformation in hosting the just concluded Next Conference 2020

The goal of Next Conference 2020 was to ensure that schools, organizations and other institutions of learning are brought into awareness on how they can utilize technology in ensuring a continuous thriving of their organizations,ensure student's learning are not interrupted regardless of the lockdown or future interruptions

Next conference was structured to inspire hopes, greater dreams  in the lives of young people in all educational levels, reawaken the belief in our educational system and also to introduce  the Nigerian educational system to latest innovations on educational technologies that can impact hugely on every aspect of education without the pandemic  being a barrier.

The topics discussed were;  

  • School Management and Covid-19: How school owners would be able to manage their school during the Covid 19 pandemic

  • Engaging and managing students from home with focus on Education and parents. 

  • Exploring Technology for Creative Learning with Focus on Students

Senior Lecturer, Rivers State University, Dr. Justin Gabriel (Nigeria)

Senior Lecturer, Rivers State University, Dr. Justin Gabriel
who spoke on the topic 'School Management and Covid-19: How school Owners could Manage their Schools during the Current Pandemic (Covid-19)  said 'Change should be initiated deliberately'. 

He cited ignorance on the importance of technology,power failure, unavailability of data and internet access as some of the major challenges why the use of technology in our educational sector hasn't really made a headway. He said school owners and other institutions of learning should embrace technology, government should invest in schools (private and public)  so they can acquire the necessary devices.

Suraj Venkat- founder and CEO of Aten ventures (US)

Suraj Venkat- founder and CEO of Aten ventures, while speaking on  'Exploring Technology for Creative Learning with Focus on Students' laid emphasis on the importance of collaboration especially for Start-ups as very vital to the growth and continuous existence of an organization. Aligning with other organizations who are into same products as you are or products that are similiar can be very beneficial.

Start-ups can be open to collaboration by seeking out firms or volunteering organizations that are willing to teach consumers of technological products how to use their software products and firms that are willing to teach kids internet abilities. 

Pro Vice Chancellor of Bolgatanga Technical University, Ghana, Professor Peter Boamah, (Ghana)

Pro Vice Chancellor of Bolgatanga Technical University, Ghana, Professor Peter Boamah, who spoke on ',School Management: How school owners can be able to manage their School during the Current Pandemic' talked about the challenges they encountered as a nation while trying to ensure that academical activities continues amidst the lockdown and how they were able to surmount the challenges. 

He cited unavailability of technological devices for students  to access the e-learning platform,lack of internet facility as most student complained on the high cost of purchasing internet data subscription and poor  network connections in some areas also makes it frustrating for students to access the e-learning platform.

Professor Peter Boamah  spoke further on the topic 'School management and Covid-19' and  the challenges encountered in their country (Ghana) and how they were able to surmount  most of the challenges. He said schools in Ghana had to enforce the 'No mask, no entry policy and constant checking of students as a way of curbing the spread of the virus and ensuring that students can resume learning.

Tumelo Bareki, CEO Domikazo World, South Africa spoke on the topic ' Engaging and Managing students from home with focus on Educators and Parents" encouraged Schools, and other institutions of learning to adopt the cloudnotte technology in order to ensure continuous learning.

We  had over 120 representatives from Ghana, Afghanistan, Algeria, Australlia, Costa Rica, Egypt, England, Indian, Kenya, Kiambu, luxembourg, Mauritius, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, South Sudan, Tunisia, United states and others with over  1,400 viewers all around the world.

Next conference 2020

The goal of Next Conference 2020 was achieved because school owners have been equipped with the necessary knowledge and technical know-how to operate within Covid-19 and Post Covid-19, and hence, schools and organizations will take the necessary steps required to ensure  all that is needed is put in place so that our children and students can go back to school or resume learning.

Next Conference 2021 promises to be more enlightening and exciting, we do hope to see you. Feel free to give us feedback on your experience during Next Conference 2020. Follow us on our facebook page @cloudnotte, or visit www.nextconference.meghee.com for more information.

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