Evaluating our past is important for excellent decision making, but much more importantly, growth requires that we look into the future, in other to prepare for it. Looking into the future requires that we begin to make requisite changes in the right direction.

For school owners and managers, preparing for the future means structuring for life after the pandemic. To think that everything will be the same will be a mistake.  It’s important that we reiterate the need for school owners to begin to understand the need to move from the way it has always been done to the way it should be done.

The post covid-19 style of education will require school owners and managers to look beyond having qualified teachers. This means that as important as having the right teachers are, the need for the introduction of technology in our teaching and learning is a prerequisite for meeting tomorrow’s societal needs.

The school for the future is that which is ready to make the necessary changes that is required. Some of those changes could be the introduction of information technology as a subject, tweaking the curriculum to accommodate only subjects that are relevant to growth and development, creating a learning environment that encourages the need for technological advancement and above all, tailoring our teaching and learning towards the interest of the learner.

The purpose of this post is to help you look inwards and identify some of the areas which you will need to improve on, if you must be part of the school for the future.

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