When it comes to building a good work environment, you cannot rule out the different technological tools that has been designed towards achieving that goal.  While this is wonderful, it’s also important that we also focus on the individuals whose work is to ensure that we have a conducive learning environment.

 People make an environment what it is or should be, meaning that when you have the right people, you will have the right workforce. To get the right people that is required to build a stronger workforce, there are certain things that the school owner or manager must be aware of. Neglecting these things and thinking that you will have an excellent result will be naïve.

Let your vision guide your decision

It’s important that the school manager allows the schools vision to guide his or selection of employees. Most people hire people based on their relationship with them, but hiring decision should be made based on competency and qualification, and not on relationship.

If the person doesn’t have what it takes to get the school to where it supposed to be, you might consider getting someone else who can do the job to get it done.

Let competency be the watch word

Like I said earlier, it’s okay to give your friends and family member’s employment opportunities, but you must be ready to face the consequences of having the right people on the wrong positions. They are the right because they are family, but wrong because they lack the skills required to get the job done.

Ensure that the people that you are bringing on board are the right fit for the job. Competency is very important in building a strong work force. If you are hiring a teacher, let the teacher know the subject, there is a place of learning on the job, but it has to be when the basic requirements are made.

You must look out for certain skills like good communication skills, basic I.T skills like use of Microsoft word, excel, power point etc.

Get your staff members to personalize the vision

In as much as you have the vision for that wonderful school that you are building or want to build, it’s also important that you get your staff members on board as quickly as possible. Don’t assume that they know it, find out if they do, how? By either having it boldly written in a place they can see it, communicating it every time you have an opportunity to and most importantly, demanding it from their performance.

When they have it where they can see it every day, it will register in their mind and they can consciously live it through their performance. Always do a vision check, that way, you will know who is with you or not very clear on the vision.

Visualize your end result

Having the end in mind when you are beginning a journey helps you make the right decision. As a school owner and manager, the question is, what kind of school do you want to see, what kind of students do you want to have or produce and how do you want people to perceive your school?

An answer to these questions will have a great impact in your selection and retaining of staff. Do you want to be seen as the best in the city, or are you comfortable with being the second option? The choice is yours.

Encourage more by investing in them

The place of training cannot be overemphasized. If we must get more out of our teachers and staff members, we must be ready to invest in them.  Every school owner or manager, who wants to have an outstanding school work force, must be ready to train his or her team.

A strong team is one which knows what to do, when to do it and how to do it. A stronger team is a team where everyone knows what is expected of him or her and proceeds to do it with little or no supervision. To have a strong workforce, you must be ready to put in the necessary work that is required to make it happen.


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