Growing our school can be very challenging for school owners and managers. Most times frustration sets in when they have done everything they knew or where told to do, yet they are not getting their desired result.  Most of these ideas came from professionals; still most school owners wonder why it’s not producing the desired results.

The question is who is wrong? Is it the consultant that prescribed these solutions or the school owner or manager who implemented them? This is a topic for another day, but sometimes we need to understand that the answers to the most complex questions  in the world lies in the little things that we consciously neglect. The fact that your situation appears to be complicated doesn’t mean that it requires a complicated response.

Most times the answers that you seek are in the little things that we thought didn’t matter. Today we will be sharing with you these simple ideas that has been tested and trusted when it comes to growing your school. Are you ready?

Keep parents on the know

One of the mistakes school owners and school managers make is ignoring parents and focusing all their attention on the students. Yes, getting the child properly educated is cool, but neglecting the one that pays for the education could be detrimental.

One way to do this is by giving consistent feedback. Always ensure that parents and guidance are kept abreast with the day to day running of the school. This doesn’t mean that you should be sending your school’s financial documents to them, but they should know about the latest development, upgrade and introduction you have made in other to give them a better run for their money.

You might be wondering the relationship this have with growing your school, but it’s important that you do this, if they must recommend your school to that a friend that is looking for a school to enroll his or her child.

Reinforce student’s good behaviors and achievements openly

The same way you would want your boss to openly sing your praise and celebrate you, that is the same way every child wants to be celebrated when they have done the right thing or exceeded expectations. You may not understand the role this plays in growing your school, but every child that you celebrate will tell all her friends about his or school.

When a child gets it right, it’s the responsibility of the school owner, manager or teacher to reinforce that good behavior by celebrating that wonderful effort to do the right thing.

Most teachers do this when they are alone with the child, but this doesn’t work, you must celebrate this child in front of other children, teachers, if possible, in front of the parents. When you do this continually, you are encouraging excellence and good morals in your school and these celebrated children will tell their friends and anyone who cares to listen about their school.

Encourage professional presentations in your school

Encouraging presentations from external bodies is also a way to encourage career education in your school. Most schools shut their door when these professional bodies approach them, but successful schools know the importance of adding these different presentations to their schools curriculum.
Your students will not always be in your school, the earlier you start preparing them for the next phase of their education, the better for them.

Learn to equip your students with the right knowledge that they require to stand out. Every parent likes to show off his or her well behaved child and when they do, the next question is, which school does she/he attends, there and then; the name of your school will be called.

Encourage inter school competition

Taking you pupil for interschool competitions is another way to announce the presence and name of your school. Most schools don’t enroll their pupil on these competitions because they are afraid that their school may not have the capacity to win/stand out.

The goal is not to win or loss, even though winning is important, but that way, you are exposing your students to life outside the walls of their school, that way, they will learn from other schools and students.

If you have an opportunity to enroll your school for these different competitions, don’t hesitate because they will improve not only the confidence of your students, but announce your school as one of the participants, if you eventually win, here comes the future.

Encourage quality recreational activities

Do you only learn and learn? Remember, all work and no play makes jack a very dull boy. If your school only focuses on learning and no time to cool off, you might find out that your students will be breaking down more often, and this is not good for your brand.

Most times school owners in their quest to produce that outstanding student, over load their pupil with academic activities unknown to them. It’s important that you encourage quality recreational activity in your school. Let your pupil cool off when they should.

Sporting events could be another great idea. Don’t assume that it’s a waste of your time. Let them have quality time outside their classroom activities or you will discover that your students will go for holidays and don’t come back.

Take good care of your teachers

You cannot create a conducive learning environment without taking care of your teachers. Having quality teachers is one, but you must ensure that you take care of them. It’s important that you pay them well, but much more than that, you must reinforce their efforts and one of the ways to do that is by celebrating them openly.

Your teachers will play a vital role in the growth of your school. You cannot pretend that they don’t exist and wonder why they are not performing at their best. Its time you begin to celebrate your teachers openly so that they can serve you better.

I believe you have learned a thing or two from this post, it’s the joy of all of us from cloudnotte to see your school grow to your desired stage. Keep making progress.



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