We published a post earlier this week titled, YOUR SCHOOL YOUR ENVIRONMENT, a post I think every school owner, manager or teacher should read in other to be able to create a conducive and comfortable learning environment where learner would call home.

Today we want to move a little bit further by helping our school owners understand the need and demands of the post covid-19 school or education. We all know that things will not remain the same, but with the right information and exposure, school owners and managers can adequately prepare for the new way of educating our pupil that has come to stay.

It’s no longer news that the educational needs of a people or society are geared towards the need of the society. Even the curriculum of a nation is always focused on the educational, infrastructure and technological needs of the nation for the time, meaning that curriculums and educational needs of a people or nation are directed towards their today problems and future projections.

The goal of this content is to further reiterate the need for our school owners and managers to make certain improvement due to the educational demands of today. While some might think that it doesn’t matter, but the pandemic has already exposed a whole lot of things, and has ushered in a new way of doing things globally and the school system is not left out. To achieve this, here are few questions that school owners should get an answer to.


Understanding where you have been is the first step to knowing where you should be or go. It’s important that school owners take an inventory of their activities and delivery over the years, that way they will understand where they have been and the impacts it has had on their school, students and should have on the society.

An education that will not meet the today and future needs of the society is not worth it, so understanding where we have been as a nation and as a school is the first step to making the required changes.


This is where we begin to see the world from a different perspective. From the perspective of what the world need and not what we want to teach. This is a call to see beyond the now. Beyond your environment, to see the world from the perspective of someone who is tasked with the responsibility of changing it.

The goal of education or the school is to refine the unrefined mind in other to influence his or her society positively, but until we understand what those needs are, we cannot channel our teaching and activities towards meeting that need. So the question is, where are we supposed to be as a nation and what should the school teach to get us there? Food for thought.


Any school or school owner who is still doing things the same way he or she has been doing it will not be a part this drive to produce the necessary man power required to not only solve today’s problem but deliver the future to the next generation.

 Meaning that, if we must have different results, our approach must change. The importance of adapting and exposing our minds to the different technologies that has been developed to solve today’s problems cannot be overemphasized.

Every school who must produce excellent minds that will match the ever growing needs of the society must introduce and enforce the automation of certain learning and clerical functions in the school system through the introduction of the right technology (school management system), and smart teachers.

It starts with the quality of teachers that will be given the responsibility of grooming these minds. We cannot take people to where we have not been, meaning that our teachers must be those who share the same vision and passion for a better tomorrow.


Considering the human’s natural nature of resisting change, any school that must meet the post covid-19 needs must adjust to its demands, which one of it is altering not only the way we have been learning but what we have been learning.

It’s important that the government and school owners take a careful look at the current curriculum, to ensure that it will meet the infrastructural and social needs of their nation. This implies that the right changes should be made where necessary to be able to create a robust curriculum that will solve the needs of the society.

We believe that the things we have highlighted and more that will be coming to you in subsequent post will help you not only prepare for the TODAY SCHOOL, but produce people that will be ready to deliver the future to the upcoming generation.

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