Knowing what to do in the midst of challenges and difficulties is one of the admirable qualities of a leader. Every leader wants to be able to carry his or her organization to the next level irrespective of the day to day challenges that might prove to be a stumbling block to the organizational goals and target.

The major concerns in the world today are not only to find a cure to corona virus which significant progress has been made in that direction but also to deal with the consequences that the fight to keep people safe and healthy brings. Businesses globally are shutting down WHILE SMART ONES ARE MOVING TO THE VIRTUAL WORLD as a prerequisite to keep people away from either contaminating the virus or spreading the virus.

Different nations has ordered that every public gathering should be stopped at least for the period that the world is steal dealing with the virus.

While others might see this as a step in the right direction, there are parents and guardians who think that the closure of schools will only increase loitering and environmental crimes. The question is, do you want your children to be safe? Yes a parent said, so what is the challenge, can’t the school system be automated the parent asked?

This is a question that I want to bring an answer to. Like I said earlier, you don’t have to shut your schools down, because with the cloudnotte school automation system you can carry your school everywhere you go. This is what every school owner that wants to maintain contact with his/her pupil should leverage on.

With cloudnotte you don’t need to shut your school down because you can still teach, write your exams, monitor your pupil and staffs activity and also get the same results that you would have gotten offline. So I will encourage every school owner to go to for a corona virus free education.

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