I went to an older friend of mine some time ago to know how he was faring. It’s been a while we saw each other so I needed to see him because of the role that he has played and is still playing in my life. He is somebody I considered to be a mentor, a role model, he has blessed my life in so many ways so I often go to say thank you from time to time.
Normally when I visit we do less studying and do more of catching up but this one was different because he has something different to tell me…he asked me a question that got me thinking …He asked me “Bright, what is your future value”? I stopped for a while, I thought about it and I came up with no answer. He further clarified me by asking me to re-evaluate myself to find out if what am doing now will be needed in years to come.

He said that I should review my work and contributions in my organization, society and in the lives of people to see if they will be needed in years to come. I was surprised, I asked him why? He said that due to the rate of technology and more that are yet to come that people will be losing their jobs. Organizations will be dropping their staffs because they are no longer needed. Most organizations will prefer the services of a robot in some specific areas than that of a human being; they will rather spend once on acquiring a robot than paying people every month end or weekends.

This will not only add to the rate of unemployment in the society but will increase the rate of crime as so many young people who occupy less relevant positions in their organizations will be dropped but on the other hand, the knowledge of these will call for a rethink in the minds of young people as they look at what they are doing now and find out if it will be needed in the future. They should look at what they know now and find out if their knowledge and ideas will be needed in the future. He pointed out few ways that I want to share with you on how to position yourself rightly for the future.


A gentle man said to me that whatever am going to be in life am already becoming. The activities of today will mirror tomorrow. The things that we did or didn’t do today will determine tomorrow. the walk outs we did or didn’t do , the books we read or didn’t read, the trainings we didn’t attend, the requisite skills that we didn’t acquire, the certificates and mentorship programs that we refused to enroll in will all show up tomorrow.
Who are you and what specific problems are you solving today. In your organization, business and career what are you really doing? What problems are you solving now? Are you solution oriented or work oriented? what are you known for in your organization, how are you described, are you like every other person or are you different, do you stand out, are you like the person that only do what he was asked to do or do you go the extra mile, are you the person that will not stay an extra hour because there is no money attached to it.. How relevant are you in your field, find out because it will determine your next level.


After he has helped me review myself and my work in an unusual way he went further to ask me if based on the conclusions and changes that I have made or wants to make he asked me “will you be relevant when change comes”? it’s another question that got me thinking, I was quiet because there is no answer again, he said…Bright, if the management of your organization changes and there is a need for your organization to cut down on their staff strength will you stay or will you be dropped like every other person? He said if there is a technology that can do your job will you still be needed? These are questions that got me thinking, they gave me a concern and changed my perceptions towards life.

This is a call for improvement. It’s a call to look at ourselves to see if we have everything that we require to remain relevant in our world. It’s a call to look at our knowledge level to find out if we have the right trainings and exposure to remain relevant; this is where we review ourselves to find out if what we know is all there is to know about what we are doing. It’s a time to check if this is the best way to do it.


The first question is what am I doing today, the second one is if I will be relevant when change comes, the third one is even more demanding and very immediate, it cannot wait .it starts now, it starts today. It demands that I prepare for the future today by projecting into it in other to know what is expected of it.
He asked me to look into the future to find out what the future in the area of technology, communication, business, arts, engineering, commerce and education. . He said find out the new management strategies, the new machines that will be used in the years to come, when they will be used and for what purpose are they going to be used. He said that having a pre-knowledge of something helps you prepare and position yourself for it while neglecting to find out about what the future holds will be putting yourself in a place of disadvantage.

The world is changing very fast and only those who respond to the changes the right way will be relevant in a changing world. How ready are you? How have you prepared for tomorrow by making the best use of the opportunities and resources of today? What skills have you acquired? How many computer languages do you speak? How exposed are you to the modern way of doing things, what new degrees do you have and in what disciplines.


The above information’s are here to help us see the importance of preparing for tomorrow today. It will help us evaluate our present state in other to find out if we will be needed in the next ten, twenty and thirty years to come based on what we know now…it calls for rethink, a need to do things differently, a need to put in the necessary information’s, ideas and disciplines that you need to be relevant in a changing world. It’s not just upgrading yourself but upgrading yourself in the right areas, it’s about building your capacity to be able to face future challenges, and it’s about improving your abilities in other to be relevant in the nearest future. It’s about having skills, knowledge and ideas that will be relevant in time to come, it’s about equipping our mind with all we need to be able to solve future problems.

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