The current pandemic forced the people and nations of the world to not only think differently both to see beyond the now. While most leaders of nations unconsciously prepared for what came, others were unable to get a hold on the situation due poor structuring and a lot of focus on the now.

It’s no longer news that our children can no longer go to school were they will have to be taught and interact with their teachers on a one on one basics because of the covid-19 that has forced us to be socially distant which has kept most persons safe but has ruined businesses, destroyed economies, rendered people bankrupt, taken away peoples jobs and above all denied our young ones the ability to congregate in one room to be taught.

The question is, when will it end? If it persists, what will happen to the future of education in Africa, especially in Nigeria?

The role quality education plays in the society cannot be overemphasized. Every nation that wants to realize her dream and join others in the first world most invest in quality education.

We cannot wait for the United States, Europe or Asia to do it for us, there is a do it yourself attitude that we must have. That attitude is that of responsibility.
We must take ownership of our affairs and that requires that we put on the necessary measures to ensure that come what may, our children will continually have access to quality education if they will one day take up leadership roles.

This means that our education should go beyond the walls. It shouldn’t be limited to a building or room. We must join the first world by embracing the necessary technology that will take away the limits in our quest to educate young Nigerians. School owners should be proactive when it comes to fulfilling their duties which is ensuring that our children get educated irrespective of the situation, and one of the technologies that will ensure that we have uninterrupted education in Nigeria is the CLOUDNOTTE VIRUAL CLASSROOM SYSTEM which is committed to providing effective teaching and learning beyond the walls.

Are you a school owner? Are you ready to step up and embrace the new world which is a digital world? Do you want to educate your students without interruption? This is your opportunity to take your school from where it is now to where it should be which is a school beyond the walls. Visit to have your own virtual school .

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