How cloudnotte helped improve St. John’s Comprehensive schools, Asaba

St. John’s Comprehensive Schools is a co-educational institution founded by the Late Rev. Patricia Nwagboliwe Nwamu, a Philanthropist and a season educationalist.

The establishment of the school was as a result of the growth of the orphanage and the realization of the vision of the Rev. Nwamu to set up an institution that caters for the whole person, spiritual, mental and the physical. The school commenced academic activities in September 1988 with five infants and one teacher.

Previous challenges identified by  St. John’s Comprehensive schools, Asaba 

Due to the rapid growth of the school, St. Johns schools, it became mandatory that certain changes should be made in her mode of operation in terms of how activities are being carried out and how certain academic duties are being discharged.

Their first area of interest is moving from manual to electronic attendance to enable them have proper record of the students that are available and when they are available, secondly, they decided to move their teachers from manual lesson note taking to digital lesson note taken and finally, to move their school from manual exam taken which is the paper on to the computer based test (CBT).


Haven identified these challenges, it was very obvious that a good school management system was needed to deliver these services that is required to not only make St. Johns schools, Asaba one of the best e-schools in the area, but to improve their data management system that has the ability to not only provide these services but to help them gain more acceptance and scalability.

What was done

· As a result of their subscription to cloudnotte school management system, the electronic attendance system was introduced, which helped them keep record of all the students that came to school, when they came to school and most importantly when they left school, the most amazing part of the switch is that parent/guidance is on the know through an SMS notification when their ward got to school and when they left.

The teachers moved from manual lesson note taken to digital, the teachers also submit these electronic lesson notes to the administrator responsible for review via their electronic device, that way, with no stress, the school management can monitor the quality of the content that is being taught in school, and the most important thing about the upgrade is that the school management software can generate lesson note, for a particular subject and class based on the curriculum of the school.

The process of examination was changed from manual to computer based test (CBT) which helped the school achieve independency in examinations, proper data management of exam questions.


St. john schools ,Asaba is now a world class school with experience spanning over 30 years, learning is now fun and stress free in the school because of the solutions cloudnotte school management system provided, they now use tablets and digitalized text books which eases the stress of heavy budgets on books.

They now use talking pen to teach diction and proper conversation. There are also robotic and coding classes to increase their ability to be creative and innovative thinkers and more productive members of the society.

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