Aside from the increasing crusade and advocacy on the need of for quality education, the right educational management approach has proven to be more challenging than designing a proper curriculum.

 Every school owner that I have met has told me that managing the day to day activities of the school and being abreast with everything tiny detail in the school is their outmost desire.
We are in a system where everything rises and falls under leadership (management), and the ability to discover, choose or subscribe to the right school management system will make all the difference. While some schools has made the right choice by subscribing to cloudnotte school management system, there is some schools that are yet to do this because of lack of awareness on why they need it.

 Here are five signs that your school needs Cloudnotte school management system.

Your information’s are on paper

A great number of schools today are still storing their data manually. The challenge of storing your school data on a paper is that your school runs a risk of losing sensitive information if there is a fire outbreak, carelessness of a staff in handling documents, misplacements or forgetfulness and more, but with a school management system like cloudenotte, you can digitally manage and refer to your data with ease any day, anywhere, anytime.

With cloudnotte school management system, you don’t need to be opening folders when you need information because you will have a standard data management system that is committed to ensuring that you get the information you need at a go.

Parents/ guidance are still paying fees manually and manual receipt

The need for online payment and electronic receipts in today’s educational system cannot be emphasized because of the numerous advantages it has over the paper receipt system.

 Its more secured, safer and dependable in the sense that you don’t need to staff worrying about the fact that you might lose your receipt, forget where you kept it or damage due to contact with water, fire, children or even ants. With cloudnotte school management system, busy parents/guidance can pays their wards tuition and other fees from the comfort of their homes, office church etc., with an electronic receipt that proves that the payment has been made without coming to the school environment or going to the bank.

You are still taking manual attendance

Just as taking attendance is important and compulsory to schools; it’s also important to note how it’s taken. While some schools do that only in the morning, some has even gone a step further to two times and even three times in a day because of how important taking attendance is to schools. The aim of attendance is not only to know the number of students that are available, but also to know the particular student that are available when they are available.

 While most schools do that manually which hasn’t worked due to loss of information from time to time, most schools has taken the step to subscribe to cloudnotte school management system which has the digital attendance that is more reliable and efficient. With cloudnotte digital attendance, parents will be able to know when their wards arrived to school and when they left school with the help of an sms notification and attendance of five, six, seven years ago can always be recalled when there is need for it.

You are limited to physical laboratory

Limiting laboratory research and practical’s by students to only that of physical could reduce the quality of education you provide and the perception potential parents and guidance will have on your school. To be seen as a 21st century school, you must ensure that your school not only has the physical laboratory but the visual which is one of the many features of the cloudnotte school management system has.

The purpose of the visual laboratory is the fact that the students will be able to access and carry out their experiment anywhere they are without having to work to the physical laboratory their devices anywhere they are.

You are still presenting paper report card

While your school is still issuing paper report cards to students, it’s important that you note that most paper reports cards do not get to the parents without sometimes being been tampered with. its important school owners understand that for them to ensure that parents get the right grade and performances of their students, the onus is on schools should move from paper report card to electronic report card that cannot be tampered with by the students because its assessable to both the parents and the students.

 Report sheet can be accessed anywhere in the world by parents, and previous report sheets could be retrieved by parents in other to monitor past and current performances of their wards in the different subject that they offer.

This is just five out of the many reasons why you need to subscribe to Cloudnotte school management system.
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